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We know that when a pet parent gives his own medication to a pet, it comes with best of intentions, but actually giving human medication to an animal without veterinary advice can be very dangerous.

#1 – Never think “This might work…”

Many pet owners are tempted to give their animals the drugs they would take in a given situation.

Never give human medication to your pets without the advice of your veterinarian!

#2 – The doses are not the same

Doses of human medicines are designed for… humans! Not for your puppy … and although some people may sometimes say it – they are not the same as a child!

#3 – Paracetamol is deadly!

Being one of the most commonly used  medicines for the relief of mild pain in humans, it can be found all over the place. However, cases of paracetamol ingestion by pets also somewhat common … and often fatal.

Paracetamol toxicity signs include vomiting, diarrhea (sometimes bloody), abdominal pain, changes in the color of the mucous membranes and in the urine color (brown) and breathing difficulties.

#4 – Take them to a vet ASAP

Animals that have ingested human medicines, including Paracetamol (or any other) should be assisted as soon as possible!

#5 – Good intentions and Dr. Google DON’T DO THE DEAL

The risks of medicating our pets with human medications without veterinary medical advice are manifold. You can not take good care of your furry buddy through online queries in “Dr. Google”.

Whenever you suspect that your pet is not in good health and if you have questions on how to act or want to answer questions about taking medications, consult your veterinarian.


José Coucelo, DVM



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