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Adopting animals, it’s a strong commitment, so if you are struggling with taking care of someone other than you, just give it a second thought – but don’t worry! If you’ve been thinking about having a cat, it’s proven that animals can change the way you think about life, and about yourself too, since bringing a cat home can change your whole life in a positive way. We’ve collected 5 powerful lessons you can learn from cats.

1. Cat rules

You might love to control everything around you, but a cat will teach you the other way. They’re more like a housemate, a new friend, who lives by his own rules, and sometimes you need to adapt to these unwritten rules. If a dog is all about endless snuggles and walks, you need to learn that life with a cat it’s totally different: you have to provide not only the space, but the privacy too.

2. Respect lesson

Cats are an amazing playmate, but life with them is much more about you learning how to love someone the way they are, and how to accept the love and care they provide you in their own unique way.

3. Earn respect

You have to accept the fact that cats are not dominated, and your relationship will be more about a healthy cohabitation. It’s hard work to earn their respect, it’s not given and can’t be forced. They don’t need your endless attention; they are very independent. If something is not as they want, they have a very specific way to communicate it towards you.

4. Forget frustration

If you handle every situation in your life with stress, screaming and frustration, you won’t be able to live with a cat. This attitude won’t lead anywhere. Cats sense when something is not going good, or if you are sad, and they can surprise you since they are capable of the most generous gestures without asking any return. Best therapy ever.

5. Control stop

You can think that you can have control over everything, but cats will teach you that you are not right. That’s one of the reasons why cats are not for everyone: there will always be some people, who can be happy with a cat, and there will be some who have no idea how to connect to them, so they won’t be able to make them happy.

As all relationships, it’s built day by day, with a lot of respect, patience, and love. Do your research before you make your move, and make yourself sure that this is what you want. And never forget: anyone can tell anything about cats, you can’t forget about the fact that they teach you a ground rule: don’t take anything for granted! You have to work for everything that matters.

Advantages of having a cat

  • They are very clean,
  • They adapt easily to life in an apartment;
  • They like snacking throughout the day, mealtimes may be somewhat flexible;
  • Being smaller means that they are also more economic: the quantities of food, the doses of the drugs, … tends to be everything smaller!
  • They provide hours and hours of fun with their silly jokes! If you are even sharing these stories on your social sites it will provide endless fun for your friends!

Author: Petable Team

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