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You are excited, because today is the big day, when you finally bring your new little housemate home. You might be wondering if you’ve forgotten about something, but don’t worry! We thought of everything, and now we share with you all the things you need to prepare to support their day-to-day life.

Here’s our list:

  1. a bed or blanket to lie down and to sleep on
  2. if the dog spends a lot of time outside, you should have a dog house, with a mattress or soft and washable bed
  3. a bowl for water (which must always be fresh and changed 1-2 times / day) and a bowl for food (plastic or metal dishes, just make sure it doesn’t turn over and spill and isn’t chewable)
  4. appropriate dog food
  5. toys: they must be suitable for dogs and the greater the variety of textures and sounds he is exposed to, the better! Always make sure they don’t swallow any pieces, as this may cause serious problems in the stomach and bowel!
  6. When it comes to bones, they shouldn’t be too big compared to the dog’s size (a bone for an adult dog may not be suitable for a puppy). When we refer to bones, we actually mean those bone-shaped hard snacks, specially designed to strengthen their teeth. Real bones are not for puppies, they make them very ill!
  7. Even if your dog is an infant, it’s always good to have a collar and leash. It’s important for them to get used to walk on a leash from an early age. If you can’t do this on your own, you can always attend training sessions, where you can both learn and practice too.
  8. Don’t forget to buy products for cleaning the areas where your dog lives. Sometimes mild soap can help you clean these areas, and strong-scented detergents are not the best (remember their sense of smell is a lot more sensitive than ours) but when it comes to cleaning your dog it’s very important that you use specific products (the human products are too aggressive on the dog’s skin). Try and avoid perfumed products (although some owners love them)

At first you might feel overwhelmed by going through this list, but don’t worry, you will soon get used to it, and this whole list will soon become part of your life. Enjoy your new dog parent life, and don’t forget to prepare a welcome gift for him – toys and cuddles always work!

Author: Petable Team


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