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If you are about to get a dog, you need to be prepared: it’s very important to make sure that the house is safe and ready to receive your new friend. There are more danger factors than you think. Things sometimes seem harmless but can actually cause problems. Below are 6 common hazards to avoid.

  1. Plants: Holly, amaryllis, oak, various species of mushrooms, wisteria, ivy, hyacinth, yellow jasmine, reed, Lantana camara, lilies, laurel, apple seeds, narcissus, oleander, palm-of-sago, poinsettias, rhododendron, elderberry, sorghum and mistletoe, are amongst the many plants you should keep dogs away from – both the wild ones that grow outdoors as well as the domestic types we keep inside the house
  2. Danger alert: If the dog has access to a garden, check to see if your plants might represent a hazard (being knocked over, possible falling on your dog). If all the plants within reach are houseplants, try putting them on top shelves.
  3. Medicines: There are medicines that are frequently used in our daily life but can be very dangerous for a dog (for example, ibuprofen, diclofenac, aspirin, allergy medicine and even vitamin supplements, among others).
  4. Electrics and broken glass: Always be aware if something gets broken! If it is sharp or consists of breaking glass and pay good attention to vacuuming the carpet well. Keep your dogs inaccessible to cables. Your dog may be curious and attempt to chew and eat electrical wires. .
  5. Toxic foods: Never give these to your dog: coffee, chocolate, tea, raisins, macadamia nuts, avocados, garlic, onions, potatoes, alcohol, dough (not cooked), chewing gum and candy with xylitol, fruit stones (not so much because they are toxic, but because the core can cause intestinal obstruction or choking) and foods high.
  6. Open windows and doors: Always pay attention to windows and doors! Most of the time people don’t realize that dogs can easily fall out of the window, or get out of the house. Before you realize it, they might injure themselves.

Author: Petable Team

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