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Google “cat myths” and you’re sure to find information and details about about your cats that are not true. Have you heard the one about cats having 9 lives or that they always land on their feet? It’s time to clarify some of these myths and open up your eyes!

1. Cats purr only when they are happy

Cats purr when they are happy, it’s true. But they also purr on other occasions, for example when they feel uncomfortable or when they are in pain. Purring is associated with the expression of strong emotions, whether positive or negative. It is relaxing to hear them purring, but it’s better if you pay attention to other signs as well – excessive purring could be a cry for help.

2. Females need to have a litter before being sterilized

This might actually be the most common myth! There is no scientific evidence to justify it, and, in fact, the benefits of sterilization to the health of our dogs and cats are more than proven. Early sterilization reduces large-scale risk of mammary tumors, as well as eliminating the odds of ovarian tumors, unwanted pregnancies and uterine infections!

3. You can not train a cat

While it may be easier for a dog to learn certain commands, the truth is that cats can also be trained! The key to training is to understand their behavior. Training a cat can actually help strengthen the bond between owner and pet. The most basic training is to teach the cat to use the litter box (which almost requires no effort), but you can teach your cat some basic commands and even try and avoid unwanted behaviors, such as scratching furniture.

4. Cats do not need exercise 5. Cats hate water

In addition to benefiting from exercise, cats also enjoy mental stimulation! And the good news is that to exercise cats you don’t have to leave the house! There are a number of games and toys that you can use indoors and these can help you avoid the risks of obesity, thereby keeping your cat healthy and happy!

5. Cats hate water

Although many cats do not worship bathing, the truth is that many like to see water running and open taps from where they can drink water. There are even some cat breeds (like the Maine Coon or the Turkish Van) that appreciate showers and being in the water.


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