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Over the last couple of years, Instagram has become a place where more and more people are showing off their adorable dogs’ lives. Some may even say we follow more puppies than people. And why not? Dogs bring laughter and fun to our lives! Here are our top 3 favorite picks for this month.

1. Pumpkin and Sunshine (@ps.ny)

This pup looks like a fluffy toy and we love him for it! Sometime around 2012 the owners from NYC created an instagram account to share photos of their life with Cookie, who looks exactly like a teddy bear. He loves to be the center of attention and he poses perfectly!

“One of the funniest and maybe a somewhat unique thing about Cookie is that he is addicted to veggies and fruits, especially green smoothies. He would steal my smoothies and juices, if I happened to leave a glass on the table.” – Stories.Barkpost.com


credit: https://www.instagram.com/ps.ny/

2. This Wild Idea (@thiswildidea)

Humphrey’s dog, Maddie, has nearly 1.5 million followers on Instagram. While the two were traveling the United States, Humphrey soon realized Maddie’s ability to pose for pictures. At first, he just shared pictures with his friends. Humphrey focused his photos on the joy that Maddie brought to his life. It worked out pretty well!


credit: https://www.instagram.com/thiswildidea/

3. Trotter pup (@trotterpup)

Chubby, sassy and the cutest hipster dog you’ve ever seen. Trotter even got featured on Huffington Post! People recognize this little gal on the streets wherever she goes–currently she has over 200k followers. As the owner says: “She understands that she has a certain effect on people. She knows how to make cute eyes to get people to give her food. I mean, when we’re walking down the street, chefs literally run out of restaurants to give her bacon.” Well… what more could a dog want?!?

credit: https://www.instagram.com/trotterpup/

There are so many great and unique profiles of dogs on Instagram. Count on us to share our favorites with you every month. Don’t hesitate to share your favorites with us, either. We would love to see them too!

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