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When we have questions, Google has answers. Just about everyone turns to Google when information is needed. We’ve been wondering what most often “dog related” questions are asked. The result? Well, see for yourself!

1. Dog doesn’t finish pooping

This question surely deserves a trip to the vet. Google will provide you with some information (some accurate, some not so accurate). With a situation such as this it is better to rely on the trusted advice and treatment of your vet rather than trying to address the problem on your own. It could be something very simple or it could indicate something quite serious. Play it safe with it comes to your dog.

2. My dog fell down the stairs

That’s no joke. Sometimes you don’t even see when this happens, you just later realize that something went wrong. If the dog doesn’t immediately get up and get back to normal or if the dog falls more often than usual, you should get your dog checked. This one could be more serious than you think.

photo23. Dogs that won’t share

Many dogs don’t like sharing their toys. Or food. Or their owner’s attention. The problem with this behavior is that it might escalate into aggression. Dogs that don’t share most times can’t be trusted around other dogs and this behavior can be even more problematic if you have or are planning to have children. You might need to seek out a good trainer. Of course, it’s best, from day one, to encourage and also reward sharing. Be sure to offer treats and attention when he behaves well.


4. Dog doesn’t come when called

Did you recently frighten or punish the dog? This is often the case for a dog not to come when called. Be nice to your pet–he’s a living, breathing creature. If it takes 3 calls before he responds, that’s ok! Be sure to shower him with positive attention and reward him with treats.


There are so many questions than we have answered here but stay tuned… we’ll have another collection of questions for you soon! If you have any questions, comment below instead of Googling! Our vet team can actually help!

Author: Petable Team

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