How To Prepare Your Animal Household for New Year’s Eve

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We’ve all been waiting for the the New Year’s celebratory season. Well guess what??? It’s almost here!

We can’t emphasize enough how stressful this season can be for our pets. We, as pet parents, want the best for them, but we also wish we could celebrate the New Year with open arms and lots of celebratory activities!

Filling our homes with family and friends is wonderful for us, but maybe not so fun four our pets. They are used to their daily routines–they may not know how to react to new situations with lots of noise and new people. Here are some tips for preparing our pets for New Year celebrations.

1st step

Give your pet a “safe haven” – a place where they can hide and feel safe. This place should always be available when they feel threatened, which does not mean closing them off in a room or cupboard! If you have cats, try to provide a high place on which to perch. If you have a dog, provide a space with blankets, a pillow, his favorite toys and his dog bed.

2nd step

You may also leave a piece of clothing (which smells like you) in their safe-haven so that feel feel more comfortable by your indirect presence.

3rd step

Leave some yummy treats on a dish in the room. Treats will offer a positive distraction and help in reducing tension. That said, do not be surprised if they do not eat them. Stress sometimes causes appetite suppression in animals.

4st step

Though works are extraordinarily beautiful to us, they often are a stressor–causing fears and phobias–to our pets.  Help prevent excessive stress in your dog by keeping all windows and curtains closed.  Keep the room dimmed leave lots of blankets to help muffle loud sounds.

5st step

You should never punish your pet or make him leave the place where he feels safe. Try to distract him by using games or treats that change the emotion he is feeling. And try to be as calm as possible and not convey stress in your demeanour.

6th step

Synthetic pheromones (can be purchased at veterinary clinics) can be most useful. Relaxation and tranquility are transmitted by “aromas” released from diffusers and into the environment. Switch the diffuser on at least one week before the parties and continue until about a month after the holiday season ends.

7th step

If you know that your pet will become overly anxious, talk to your veterinarian. Perhaps he or she can recommend a medication or food supplement that can help your pets overcome these temporary moments of terror. Whether medication or dietary supplementation, achieve the best possible results by beginning the treatment well in advance. This will allow the most time for the desired effect in your pet.

8th step

If you have previously identified these particular problems with your animal, you may choose specialized help. With a custom behavior modification plan and some medical support, we can anticipate and achieve sustainable results for both our pets and our families. You can find many professionals available to help you in deal with and solving behavioral problems.

So, bring on the New Year! And make sure everyone has a good time welcoming 2017 in, even if it is just peek from under a comfy blanket!

Author: Petable Team

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