You have a new puppy. Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or recurrent dog tutor, surely you’ll have questions on how to make your home puppy proof and 100% safe! Puppies are a handful. With energy to spare and a drive for destruction that could only be compared to a mini tornado rolling around the house, let us help you prepare the surroundings for what’s to come:

1. Boundaries and doors

Don’t shut your dogs away in an enclosed space (ever), but keep some of the rooms they could cause mischief in, closed off. At least until they learn naturally that some places are off limits.

You already know they love to do everything they shouldn’t: they might think your laundry or the clothes in your closet are toys to play with, just seeking your smell as they naturally will. It’s dangerous for them if they chew and swallow clothes and you don’t want to get home to a great big mess – not to mention that you don’t want to lose your favorite slippers.

2. Children and baby toys and apparel

If you have children, never let their games with tiny pieces out and about! We know kids are messy, we know it’s hard to keep stuff tidy and in it’s place. And toys? Just because they’re good for the kids, doesn’t mean they’re always a good choice for dogs! You’d be amazed how many baby pacifiers have had to be surgically removed from dogs’ stomachs. Hard plastic toys can splinter or have pieces chewed off and anything the size of a lego block? Oh well, that’s just asking for it!

3. Keep your laptop out of reach

Laptops and expensive items, as well as chargers should be kept away from your puppy. Once you leave the house, just make sure that the puppy can’t reach this stuff. For some inexplicable reason, there seems to be an irresistible pull for electrical cables (puppies sometimes seem to lack basic survival instincts). This is also true for expensive or brand new clothing, so… out of sight.

4. You need to know the poisons for puppies!

There will be times when the whole family will be together, and your puppy will be begging for a little bit of whatever you’re eating. It’s really important not just for you, but for everyone else in your household to know what kind of food they can eat, and what is a hazard for them. A tiny bit of cheese might be ok, but if everyone around the table gives their idea of a small amount, your puppy might get an upset tummy by the end of the meal. There are other ways to engage with the new pup other than food. Playtime and walks are healthier for you both.

5. Doggie Station

If you don’t want your dogs to find their toys or treats, and you have no idea where to store them, you can get a set of drawers or some clever storage systems like you find for children toys and most furniture stores. They are a part of your household now and will now have their own “stuff” so you might want to create your very own doggie station – where you can store everything they need!

6. Have a dog washing station!

You will thank us for this later on! Maybe you don’t use this place every week (or maybe you do, depending on what the weather’s like outside), but it’s a great thing if you are prepared to have a relaxed, calm place specially for your pup, where you can clean paws, wash up or just do your normal grooming stuff like nail trimming or brushing fur.

7. Not all houseplants are housesafe

If you’re not sure, put those plants somewhere else. Ask people who know plant names (we all know someone) and check online for the harm your pre-existing plants or the ones you’re planning to bring home can cause to your newly-arrived all-chewing ball of fur.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is research on each of these things and know that by preventing bad things from happening, you can save yourself and your pup a whole load of trouble. Once you feel you’re ready, the only thing left for you is to start training your new friend and hopefully with Petable, you will be faced with a lot less trouble. Good luck Petable parents!

Author: Petable Team

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