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Petable has an amazing new app version available for Android and iOS. With our new and improved platform, count on us to remind you of all your pet’s needs AND connect to your veterinary clinic.

How often do you forget when it is time for deworming treatments? What does your pet eat? How much do they weigh? Do they have any chronic conditions? When are they next scheduled treatments and vaccinations?

Petable will register all record and keep keep, at your fingertips, track of all your pets needs. Plus, we use our expertise as veterinarians to help you do it in the best way possible. If you don’t want to add all the health events yourself, just accept our suggested health plans (available for cats AND dogs) and then edit each event to better suit your existing plan.

Everything in one place

Check all the info on the timeline. Know which treatments you completed for each pet and the next ones to expect. Add photos and notes for anything you would like to record (a fun day at the beach? the latest glucose measurement?). One place for everything that matters to you and your pet.


Take advantage of Pet-a-Points! Check the score in the “Me” section of the app and find more about it HERE. Get Pet-a-Points for being the best pet parent you can possibly be. This feature is going to grow in possibilities for you and your pet.

Share the Love

When we discover a good thing, it’s hard to keep it to ourselves. (plus, it’s free!) You can share Petable directly from the app on Facebook and tell your friends how great your pet is doing thanks to your care. You’ll get Pet-a-Points for that, too.

Petable is here for you, your pets and your family. Changing families’ lives, one pet a time. Start being Petable and download the app, today.

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