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Why can’t February 14th be all about the love you feel for your dog? If you think it’s a great idea to spend your day with someone who loves you unconditionally, read on for some fun ways to spend a pawsome day with your beloved canine.


Nothing says “I love you” more than a delicious, home-made cookie! Check out our favorite recipes here. Spend some time in the kitchen, and try out different recipes! You can even go out and buy a nice heart-shaped box and celebrate the day in style.


Kissing or snuggling booth

How about setting up a booth at home for some extra snuggle time? Use your dog’s favorite pillows and spend some quality time with them. Dog snuggles are the best! Take some pictures of your booth, and upload it to your social sites. Maybe you can help others become inspired too!


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A card for your dog

Why wouldn’t you surprise your four-legged friend? Create a postcard by using your favorite design editor based on a picture of you with your dog! After Valentine’s day you can pin it to your fridge, so you will have an everlasting memory.

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Valentine’s day photo shooting

When was the last time you had a professional photographer take pictures of you and your dog? Look around on Facebook and search for a pet photographer near you! Start organizing a Valentine’s day themed day in the park. Here are some inspirational ideas – you can both dress up for the occasion!

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Source: Pinterest

Have you ever spent your February 14th with your pet? Start this year! Remember, their time on this earth is naturally shorter than yours so making the most of your time together is important. Take good care of your pets and they will do the same for you.

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