Using a Pet App to Control Your Pet’s Weight Sounds… Pawesome!

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It’s not news to anyone that pets in developed countries like the US are putting on a few extra pounds. Pet obesity in the U.S. continued to steadily increase in 2016, affecting nearly 59% of cats and 54% of dogs, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP).

If you follow an appropriate health plan, with all the programmed preventive measures you can, chances are your biggest problem is going to be making sure your cubby doesn’t get too chubby. And that can be VERY hard to prevent and even harder to resolve. I mean, just look at those big begging eyes and you know you’re not going to be able to resist.

Weighing your pets frequently and knowing their ideal healthy weight is very useful in controlling obesity. Add exercise to the equation and you know you’re on the right path to health and well-being. Even if your pet has a health condition like arthritis or heart failure that makes them exercise-intolerant, there’s a lot you can still do to keep their weight in check or help them lose those extra pounds.

image-uploaded-from-iosDownload PETABLE and check out the weight feature where you can plan your pet’s target weight and log every measurement you make or input the Body Condition and current weight and you’ll see your pet’s calculated healthy weight, so you know what to target.

You can follow-up with your veterinarian or pet professional on nutritional support or planned exercise regime and you should definitely include pictures of your pet during the process so you have clear images of before and after the weight control program. These you can then show to anyone, including your furbaby, for extra motivation!

You can also go to the News feature and check out for many useful articles about your pet and how to keep him healthy and fit!

Check it out Now (It’s Free!!) and start making your life a lot easier and you pet’s life healthier!

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