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Well, Summer is here and all we can think about are SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!!

We dream about it all year and when time finally comes we start to worry.

Not only we have to decide what to do and where to go but also make all the preparations. The bags, planning the trip, finding a place to stay and suddenly…OH MY DAWG! Where do I leave my pets? Should I take them with me?

Many pet owners choose to leave them at home, with someone taking care of them or at a petsitter/hotel. Others decide to bring them along. Either options are okay, but so many questions entail and you can’t help but worry. Fortunately there’s an APP that can help you worry less and enjoy more: it’s just Petable!

Have you ever been in a situation where:

I decided to leave my pets at a Hotel /with a petsitter/ at home with someone sitting but…

  • How do I make sure they’re ok?
  • How can I be sure they are walking, playing and being fed properly?
  • My pet has to take medication, what if they forget?

I decided to bring my pets with me on holidays, but…

  • What if something happens and I need to find emergency care? Where should I go?
  • What if I’m far away from my regular veterinary practice and need to contact them?
  • Not all my family came with us and they want updates on how our mutual pet is doing. How do they keep up?

Petable has it all figured out! It’s a free App where you can load all your pet’s info in less than a minute and enjoy the benefits:
#1 With the feature “Share a pet” you can easily share your pet’s profile with anyone that has the app and so you both have access to your pet’s profile! So…

  • share1-1Any medication reminder will appear to the both of you and when the sitter ‘marks as done’ you can relax and keep enjoying your vacation!
  • Anyone with access to the pet profiles can add photos of them having fun, eating or walking into the timeline and you can see what they’ve been up to during the day!
  • They have all the emergency contacts of your pet’s vet in case they need it and still have all the info about your pet in the app available in case they need it!
  • You can add any forgotten events on the App (for example, “Friday is Yummy Treat Day”) and they’ll automatically appear as reminders from the App on your Sitter’s mobile phone.


#2 Petable has an “Emergency” feature to assist in finding nearby vet practices in case something happens to your pet:

  • iphone-6-frente-mockup-2Just access the emergency screen and you’ll have your regular vet’s contacts at hand (to call them for assistance) and you find the nearest practices, complete with contacts and addresses so you can reach out to them and even find directions directly to them.

In case you have an emergency situation with your Pet, having the Petable App up to date can save you a lot of time as you can easily inform the veterinarian of the latest medical records you have, and basically all pet related info!



In the end, no matter what you decide concerning taking your Pet with you on vacation or not, just relax and enjoy – use Petable to make your life as a pet parent a lot easier. Plus, it’s free!

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