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Pets have been changing our lives for the better for a very long time. We’ve kept dogs around as pets for as long as 32000 years, according to some scientific sources. So it seems like a natural step for us to develop technology that will benefit the human/pet bond, as technology evolves and tends to make our everyday lives easier and more efficient.

We even dedicate Social Media accounts to our pets, follow pet influencers that we love and whose habits we know by heart.


We post so many of our activities with our pets that it just seems natural for us to focus on technological solutions that will improve their lives as well as ours. But in this era of digital mayhem, how do we know what’s useful and what’s borderline crazy? Technology can be expensive but worth your while if you know what you’re looking for and what really meets your needs. We took a look at the current and future technological solutions out there. So if you are one of those tech-savvy pet parents, this is for you:

#Wearables and Trackers

The aim: no more LOST DOG signs glued to sign posts! There are many solutions when it comes to tech you can actually have your pets wear. Everything is possible, from locators for the runaway dog to smart collars that track activity and even open cat flaps, so the wrong kitty doesn’t just walk in looking for free snacks.

Some wearables even let you know that your furry friend is feeling under the weather because the biometric readings (like temperature) are a bit off. Just make sure you find the one that better suits your needs and your pet’s personality. Some locators have longer ranges than others (GPS and radio versus bluetooth connection), others require you to pay a monthly subscription to stay linked to the tracking system.

Some wearables are just cameras that show you what your pet has been up to during the day. The results? Well, let’s just say that if you put a camera on your cat when he goes outdoors, you’d better be fond of hour-long footage of hiding in bushes and a lot of birdwatching.


Automatic smart feeders that your pets can interact with for food make perfect sense. And the pet tech market has responded with an astounding array of these. With most of our pets being food-oriented (who isn’t?) and most of us spending the working hours of the day out of the house, we really need to find solutions to bypass the problem of leaving too much food available when we leave and no discernible way to intercalate smaller portions throughout the day.

My parents got me this automatic tenochfeeder to "watch my weight" so now I wait for food like this. 😂😐🐾

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It just makes sense, not only from a nutritional point of view, but also entertainmentwise. Some of these feeders simply divide the kibble you wish to give your pet in equal portions throughout the day. Others, more sophisticated, will allow you to manually control the feeding moments remotely, through an App. Even more high-tech, are solutions that allow for interaction with your pet through voice and image, but we’ll get to those in the PetCam section.


Humans can’t get enough of their technological entertainment, so why not find ways to put technology curing our best friends’ boredom while we’re away? They love to play almost as much as they love their food and their humans. From ball-throwing machines to interactive lasers, the pet toy industry is going pet-crazy and we love it. There are also mini robots that you can control remotely to give treats, talk and interact with your pets whilst you’re away. Pretty neat, huh?

#Pet Cameras

Ever wonder what your pets do at home all day? Tech companies tuned in to that need and the amount of pet cameras that ensued was amazing. Some are unidirectional and only let you watch, others allow you to interact, either by talking to your pet, sending treats, toys and even releasing scent, because “dogs see with their noses”. Amazing!

#App for Pets

In this day and age where there’s an App for everything, from connecting with friends you hardly see any more to your local retailer’s loyalty program, the question remains: is there an App for my pets? And if so, what does it do? The answers are: “YES, there is” and “it does everything you need, to make your pet parent life easier”.

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Say you’re leaving your pet with a dogsitter or at the groomer’s or even with a family member over the weekend. All those last minute reminders? “She eats this amount of THIS food”, “Give her the Omega3 pill at 4pm” or “this is the contact for her regular vet in case of an emergency”.

Went to the vet but couldn't remember stuff like the date of the latest deworming or the name of the tick control product you used😱? Never forget any pet related info again😺👌! Download our app and have every info available ALL the time⭐️! You just need to keep it up to date! We will remind you ⏰and keep track of everything! A lot more can be done with Petable! You owe it to your pets!! #bepetable #appforpets #responsiblepetownership #petcare #freeapp #petowners #dogs #pets #BePetable #appforpets #petcare #freeapp #petsarefamily #petsrule #dogs #pets #petsofinsta #instapets #dogsofinsta #igpets #petable #downloadnow #funnypets #dogsoftwitter #doberman #instapets #petsareawesome #welovepets #worldpets #travelpets #petsathome #officepets #veterinary

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All that super important info? You can just input on the PETABLE App (click to download) and share with anyone you leave your pets with. Anything you need to remember at a certain time? You’ll get a reminder. It’s also useful for multipet households, where each specific furbaby has specific needs and we need some kind of tool to keep all the info organized and in one place. It’ll even give you points to reward good pet care deeds you do.

Need a paw being the best pet parent in the world? No worries, just be PETABLE. Download the App today:

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