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Summer is here and with the high temperatures it’s normal that we tend to spend more time outdoors, trying to keep fresh, preferably with our pets. However, we must pay attention to the REAL risk of drowning!!!
This danger can occur not only in unprotected pools but also in other places with some depth of water. Although most animals do know how to swim, the main danger is that they often don’t know how to get out of the water – which causes a state of extreme
fatigue. Consequently, they may begin to submerge, swallow and inhale water, and end up putting their lives at risk.
frenchie with swimming vestSome breeds can’t even swim. Amongst these breeds are people’s favourite flat-faced cuties, french bulldogs and pugs. Even though they have short legs which has obvious consequences on the range of motion they’re capable of, the main reason isn’t this. It’s their adorably short and flat snouts, that require them to tilt their heads way back so they can be able to breathe when they are in the water. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for them to swim and maintain this position. That is why these breeds require extra care when they are near swimming pools. It only takes a second for an accident to happen.
What to do in case of drowning pets:
  • Lift your pet from his hind legs for a few seconds, so that water that entered the lungs may come out through the mouth and snout;
  • Lay your pet on his side and check for heartbeat and breathing movements. If there aren’t any, start cardiac massage and artificial respiration;
  • Begin CPR, by applying pressure through sharp movements with your flat hands to the chest (close to the ribs) to pump the water out of the lung;
  • If your pet’s temperature is low, wrap him in a blanket and continue the CPR until he demonstrates some sort of reaction;
  • Go to your veterinarian immediately.
Remember that drowning is a medical emergency and the success of the rescue depends on immediate help and how long your pet was under water.
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