New Year’s Resolutions that will make your Pet (even) Happier!

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Inevitably at the beginning of each year we make a list of New Year’s resolutions, in which new plans are made and new objectives are outlined. For 2021, try to also include changes intended to make your pet’s life even happier!

  1. Take your pet for a routine consultation

All pets must have a check-up at least once a year. Senior pets should shorten the interval and should do it at least every 6 months. Routine check-ups help to monitor the health of your pet and detect some diseases early so they can start appropriate treatments in good time!

  1. Improve your pet’s nutrition

Make sure that your pets’ diet is adapted to their stage of life (also, adjust to breed, size and age) and that you give them the right amounts in order to provide all the necessary nutrients.

  1. Play and spend more time with your pet

Make time in your day to be with your pet! Schedule activities such as walks or games, teach them new tricks and relax together. If your new reality is to spend more time at home, see your pet as your new workout companion! It’s fun and healthy for you both.

  1. Brush your pet’s teeth

It’s not always easy, but try making brushing their teeth into playtime. Start gradually until they get used to it. Brushing your pets’ teeth is very important to prevent periodontal disease, disorders of the oral cavity and other more serious situations.

  1. Keep them away from toxic substances

Take a look around your home and confirm that you do not have any toxins within your pet’s reach. Even if they are strictly indoor pets, there is always a risk of pet poisoning and intoxication. The main causes are: toxic foods (chocolate, xylitol and macadamia nuts are some examples), drugs (like “Aspirin”, paracetamol, ibuprofen…), cleaning products (bleach and other detergents) and plants (ivy, aloe vera… ). Also, small objects that can be swallowed are always a risk, especially in younger pets that have a tendency to chew things.

  1. Update your pet’s information

If you have changed your address, phone number or email address, don’t forget to update the information associated with the microchip.

  1. Schedule a SPA session for your pet

Pets need regular care to keep their skin and coat healthy, thus avoiding skin diseases and helping to identify potential problems. Book and appointment at your local pet groomer and give your pet an extra special look (and feel) to start out the new year.

  1. Give your pet a new toy

Give him a cuddle! You don’t need to spend money, you can bake homemade treats or go online to search for a pet toy tutorial that you can make yourself!


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