9 Reasons Why Your Pet Is The perfect Company This Valentine’s Day

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There are always plans for the most romantic day of the year, but this year due to the period in which we live we have to reinvent ourselves! There’s no dinner in the best restaurant in town or socialising with friends to mark this day. But that’s not why it can’t be the best Valentine’s Day ever, especially if you have the company of your pet.

Here are 9 reasons why your pet is the perfect companion:

  1. Our pets don’t judge

Regardless of how other people see us, our pets always think we are perfect, just the way we are. We don’t need to squeeze our feet into high heels or make our necks uncomfortable with a tie, even in a tracksuit we always look our best for them.

  1. Pets don’t care about presents

The usual stress of this season is finding the perfect gift, but that doesn’t apply to pets. The only gift they want is our attention and affection! They don’t need expensive gifts, and won’t ask for a return receipt in case they don’t like it! All they need is our time, a game, just a ball is enough to make them happy…

  1. No stress from pets

They show their unconditional love for us at all times! They don’t fret waiting for a call or over an unanswered text! They know we’ll always be there for them, no matter what.

  1. Pets are always happy to see us

Whether we’re gone for a month or just ten minutes, our pets are ALWAYS happy to see us and they show it! We are always greeted as if being reunited it the greatest thing in the world (and it is).

  1. Pets always let us choose the movie

There is no arguing over the remote or different opinions on what we should watch. Rom com or action movie? It doesn’t matter, they can’t change the channel anyway.

  1. Pets love to cuddle

And can you think of anything better on these cold winter days?

  1. Pets are not allowed to eat chocolates

Chocolate is toxic to pets, so we don’t have to share our box of candy. Lucky!

  1. Pets believe in ‘happily ever after’

Once we have won over their hearts, it is forever. They will never stop loving you.

  1. They are the only ones we can give hugs to

This year in particular, they are the best company because we can break social distance with them without taking risks. Our pets are lovable and huggable and their hugs are epidemiologically safe!

In short, pets are the best company for every day of the year!

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