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Do you feel that it’s time to grow the family? Maybe you want to enrich your life with the love of a (or one more) pet? You’re sure it’s not a whim of the moment before but you have been thinking more and more seriously about it? Don’t wait any longer!

Sharing life with a pet is a precious thing

and if your heart and mind are both set and ready for the challenge, then you should get to it. You won’t regret it!

But just in case you still have any reasonable doubt (small as it may be), we give you a list of reasons that will help you confirm all the benefits of animal adoption.

1. Unconditional Love

There’s no denying it. When we adopt a pet, we finally understand the meaning of “unconditional love”, it just exists. For as long as their lives accompany us, that’s what we’ll have.

2. Physical and mental health benefits

There are countless studies and known benefits. The results shed light on what all pet owners have always known – we are happier and healthier when we adopt a pet.

Why is this?

Firstly, because a general feeling of companionship begins to set in and loneliness is reduced, which contributes to a significant improvement in our emotional wellbeing.

In fact, evidence points to lower rates of depression amongst pet parents, because this affective bond makes us more confident people with clearer and more defined goals. Therefore, it is not surprising that animals (both emotional support animals and pets) are increasingly used in treatment plans for depression and anxiety reduction.

Secondly, because pet-owners experience a reduction in blood pressure compared to people who don’t own a pet. The result? A consequent decrease in the body’s physiological response to stress levels and a greater ability to cope with distressing or even traumatic situations. In short, we are better prepared for adversity.

Third, because the adoption of a pet also translates into an improvement in cardiovascular health. Evidence shows there is greater chance of survival after a heart attack for those who have a dog and reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases in high-risk individuals if they own a cat.

And fourth, because those who adopt a dog can easily reach or maintain a healthy weight, since the need for regular walks provides an extra stimulus for exercise and outdoor activities.

3. Benefits for children

Besides being encouraged to maintain a healthier lifestyle, children with pets have a lower risk of developing allergies. Even more so, the benefits of adopting and growing up alongside a pet go far beyond physical and immune fitness.

A sense of responsibility and care for all those who are dependent on us, as well as respect and empathy for those lives that seemed less fortunate and deserve a second chance.

But nothing creates a greater impact than having a companion for every adventure. With whom they can share moments of pure happiness, games and little madness. But who is also right there to comfort them, without any judgement, bringing them feelings of safety.

4. Adopting a pet helps with social interactions

It’s a fact.

All of our pets’ adventures, starting with their adoption story, make for excellent topics of conversation. Be it an icebreaker between strangers, at a family gathering or among friends, pet stories never fail.

Also, the routine of daily walks and/or other leisure activities with pets, can help us to interact with new people. Alone we would hardly even try to meet them because we would never have the necessary confidence to do so.

And maybe who knows? There is a whole new world of possibilities and many a “how did you meet?” story began with pets.

5. Adoption saves lives

As much as it sounds like a soundbyte, it is true.

When we adopt a pet we are not only rescuing a life, by giving it a second chance, but also allowing others to occupy a limited space with very few resources.

The more animals that get adopted, the more that can be rescued and temporarily rehomed in the same units, while they wait for new families who want to make them theirs forever.

6. Less surprises

Anyone who has had young pets, especially puppies, can easily understand the many challenges associated with potty-training them, adapting them to family life and relationships with other pets.

The investment in time and often in new furniture can be well worth considering adoption, especially if your choice falls on an older pet.

They are calmer, wiser and more experienced, more knowledgeable of acceptable behaviour towards other people and animals, and even of the best places to go number 2. Many are also past the natural stages of growth and destructive behaviour due to teething, so the collateral damage tends to be less.

In addition, it will be easier to get a sense of the real impact of the new member, whether in terms of ultimate size, personality/temperament and special needs. It is always essential to understand beforehand if that pet is the most suitable for your home and lifestyle!

7. It’s more sustainable

At a crucial time when we are trying at all costs (and against time) to reduce our ecological footprint, adopting is a perfect solution!

If we do not contribute to the increase in the animal population and ensure the adoption of spayed and neutered pets, we will be promoting greater environmental sustainability.

There is no way to describe the many gains that result when we adopt a pet into the family. But it is important not to forget and always assume these three criteria – resources, responsibility and commitment.

Then, the only difficulty will be being able to choose from the countless hearts available – most likely you’ll want to bring them all home! Whatever you choose, adopt or shop, the most important thing is to do it with maximum responsibility, awareness and a lot of love!

Get ready, your life will never be the same again!

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