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Every day, Veterinarians (and all members of their teams) put their knowledge and experience into providing the best health care for our pets.

But they give so much more than that! They give their heart and soul, literally, in a dedication that goes far beyond the traditional clinical work hours and whose limits often exceed physical and emotional barriers.

For this reason, and because we live in times when it’s easy to be critical and even skeptical of others, we feel that recognition and appreciation deserve a conscious effort and should be promoted. Therefore, please show your Veterinary Team your deep appreciation for all that they do for our pets, and also for us and our human families.

Not sure where to begin? We’ll leave you a few ideas to say “thank you”.

1. Write them a note

Whether it’s a postcard or card, an email, a letter or even a text message, make use of the tools you have at your disposal and take a few minutes of your time to leave a heartfelt thank you.

If you want to be more creative and send them a personalized message, you can even include a paw print, a fun illustration, or a picture of your pet, healthy and happy. Let your imagination run wild! The sky is the limit.

2. Say it on the phone

If writing is not your thing, simply consider calling. Try to do it at a time when the clinic is less crowded (if possible) and be brief. Just tell them how much you value their work and dedication in caring for your pet, or what their support meant to you in a more difficult time.

The more spontaneous and unexpected the call, the more surprised and happy they will be!

3. Listen to what they have to say

On your next visit to the veterinary clinic, take the opportunity to talk directly to some of the staff members. Ask them how they are doing and talk about their pets for a change; you may mention more personal matters, depending on the degree of proximity.

Show them that you care. Ask about their well-being and, above all, take the time to really listen.

4. Share your positive experience far and wide

We all seek the best health care for our pets, and when it comes to selecting the best place, we want to go to a veterinary clinic that has the most positive (and genuine) ratings from those who know them best – their clients.

As we know, finding a business rating online these days is easy and just a click away. You can leave a comment on Google or the clinic’s website (if possible), facebook reviews and leave public prais in the comment sections! If clients were as quick to leave praise as they are to criticize online, surely the comment boxes would be a much nicer place for everyone. What do you say we make the internet a healthier, happier place?

List the strengths of your Veterinary Team – let everyone know how you appreciate their professionalism, excellent communication and customer service, or their extraordinary care for your pets – and always take the time to thank them.

There’s nothing like the power of sharing, so be sure to do it!

5. Refer their work

Even today, “word of mouth” is still a great way for any business to get the word out, and it serves as a way to thank them for their service.

So if you have a family member, friend or acquaintance who has recently acquired a pet or is looking for a new veterinary clinic recommendation, refer them to yours and the team you trust so much. Let your Veterinary Team know you sent them new business and they will appreciate you even more.

6. Send a small offer

Who doesn’t like to be surprised and receive a treat?

It doesn’t have to be something big, let alone expensive. Think of simple things that can bring a smile to the whole team. It could be candy or a homemade cake (if your culinary skills allow), some flowers or a plant for the reception area (make sure it’s safe for pets), a good book or a treat or toy for the clinic’s mascot.

No one will be able to resist!

7. Value their time

The best (and simplest) way to support our Veterinary Team and show how much we respect their work, is to respect their time in the same way we would like the people to respect ours when we’re at work.

Make appointments well in advance and try to be on time. Keep a clear record of any useful information about your pet that is worthy of sharing with the Veterinary Team (you can use the Petable app for that). Follow the instructions and recommendations for your pet’s care, and be sure to elucidate your doubts with those who know about your pet’s health. Be sure to respect the hours and conditions of the clinic’s emergency services, valuing your vet team’s personal time.

There isn’t one Veterinary Team on earth that doesn’t know how much our pets mean to us and our family! Therefore, their work is not only challenging and rewarding, but also emotionally and physically exhausting.

We should do our best to praise them for all their commitment, effort and love, baring in mind that they are the ones who are there to help us through the most frightening and complicated situations with our pets.

In the end, it won’t matter what size or shape your thank-you note is. Just believe that it can, and will, make all the difference!

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