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10 Reasons Why Pets Prepare You for Parenthood

Preparing for parenthood No matter how many books your read or how much good advice you’re gathering, chances are you’ll find yourself, at some time or another, wondering: “Am I

Why Should Children Grow Up With Pets?

Have you ever wondered why children and pets make such good playmates? The advantages are enormous and as we evolve culturally and socially, pets become as much a part of

Ringworm in Cats and a Newborn Baby

  2.03.2017   Cats, Pet health   No comments

I don’t really understand feline psychology, but I do realize that my cats felt a big change when the baby first came home. Maybe even earlier, with all the changes

Gamification Rules – Pet-a-Points

  11.01.2017   Petable app   2 Comments

They’re PAWSOME! They’re PET-A-POINTS! It’s simple, really: the more you use Petable, the more Pet-a-Points you win! Using Petable and uploading all of your pets’ appointments and info will not

Cat versus Xmas Tree

  4.12.2016   Cats, Pet behaviour   No comments

This is the time of the year when many cat owners struggle with the same dilemma: do we set up a Christmas tree (and if so, fake or real?) only