Unleash Kindness

It’s simple, really: the more you use Petable, the more Pet-a-Points you win! Using Petable and uploading all of your pets’ events and info will not only make you a better carer, it will reward you with Points (Pet-a-Points). Here’s what you need to know:

Every time you use Petable and add an event in your pet’s life, Petable awards you points.

Every time you comply with the events and mark them as done, Petable awards you points.

Get the idea? OK, so now for some FAQ:

What are Pet-a-Points?

Pet-a-Points are Petable’s reward system. Using the app and performing actions on the app adds to a global score point that you can check on the Points Tab in your personal user area, called Me.

How are Pet-a-Points earned?

By adding events on the app, referring the app to your friends or to your veterinary clinic,  and by marking events as done .

group-6 1 pet-pt for adding or updating your pet’s weight

ic_add_a_photo_black_24dp 1 pet-pt for adding a photo or note to your timeline

treat 3 pet-pts for adding an upcoming  event  (of any type)

treat2 3 pet-pts for adding a medical record (a past event)

stroke-3 5 pet-pts for adding your pet’s chronic conditions

group-3 5 pet-pts for logging in that you opened a new food package

color_1024 10 pet-pts for complying to a deworming treatment (mark as done)

animal-color3x 10 pet-pts for complying to flea/tick treatment (mark as done)

stroke-3 15 pet-pts for completing all the info in your first pet’s profile

stroke-3 20 pet-pts for adding your first Pet

clinic 20 pet-pts for connecting a pet to a clinic

flasks-color3x 20 pet-pts for complying to an exam/lab test (mark as done)

syringe-1 20 pet-pts for complying to a vaccine (mark as done)

ic_add_a_photo_black_24dp 25 pet-pts on your pet’s birthday

cons 25 pet-pts for complying to an appointment  (mark as done)

surgeries3x 25 pet-pts for complying to a surgery  (mark as done)

profile-icon-png-9173x 25 pet-pts for signing up using a friends referral link.

clinic 30 pet-pts for adding you first complete health plan as suggested

profile-icon-png-9173x 50 pet-pts  for each friend that signs up to Petable using your invite link.

clinic 100 pet-pts if the clinic that you are connected to becomes part of the Petable network.

The pet-a-points system is regulated under Petable’s terms and conditions and assumes a responsible use of our mobile app. Therefore, some events may be limited in the number of times points are earned, either by maximum number of occurrences per time frame or by maximum number of occurrences per user or per pet.

Redeem Points #giveback

By collecting Pet-a-points you will now be able to trade them for meals that Petable will donate on your behalf to shelters. This means that simply by taking good care of your pet, you are now spreading the love, and making sure that shelter Pets are also taken care of.


100 points = 2 meals

200 points = 5 meals

300 points= 10 meals

Choose a shelter

At any given time we will provide a list of 10 shelters per country from which you can choose. Donate to a shelter, and keep coming back to see when your local shelter is featured.

Redeem points = Give Meals

Use the slider and trade your points for meals for that shelter. The more points you get, and the more you save, more meals you can donate. For each shelter we will donate up to 2000 meals per campaign, that will last a maximum of 2 months.

Be the best you can be

Donate as much points as you can, and see how you can encourage your friends to donate more to your local shelter.


Invite your friends, share the love for pets.