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Last month we introduced you to some our favorite insta famous dogs. Now it’s time to show our beloved kitties, too! Whatever mood you are in, we’re sure one of these cats will cheer you up or represent your current mood. By the end of this article you will understand what we mean. Enjoy the fluffiest, grumpiest, weirdest and most loveable cats from the social universe!

Garfi ( @meetgarfi )

Scroll down his feed, and you won’t be able to understand how a cat can seem so unhappy, and (as USA Today says) be so hilariously furious. We digged a little bit deeper, and found the funniest 2017 calendar by Garfi. We totally understand why people are crazy about him. Check him out. Follow. This cat will make your day.

Snoopy ( @snoopybabe )

The most adorable kitty we have ever seen is an exotic shorthair with the most adorable face and hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. One picture is worth more than a thousand words:

snoopyLil Bub ( @iamlilbub )

Seeing this kitty queen you might think that something is wrong with her. Her owner (“dude”) adopted Lil Bub and started posting pictures of his cat with her unique appearance. You know she has more followers than anyone – she even has her own documentary! Who is the princess of Instagram? It’s Lil Bub, no doubt about that.

lilbubSam Has Eyebrows (@samhaseyebrows)

Another odd-looking cat. If you think your eyebrows are embarrassing, then just look at what happened to this cat: it made him an Insta-star! 126,000 followers and counting.


Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat)

This cat is all of us on a Monday morning or before our first coffee. With 2 million followers and her own product line, she has everything. She even has her own manager! Her dwarfed appearance and underbite readily depict her given name.


Monty (@monty_happiness)

And we have someone even better! Monty was rescued from a shelter years ago. He has a chromosome abnormality and was born without a nasal bridge or a nose bone. He is healthy and happy, and, as you can see many people love to follow his journey on the social sites! Merry Christmas, Monty!


Author: Petable Team

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