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The real dangers of drowning in pets

Summer is here and with the high temperatures it’s normal that we tend to spend more time outdoors, trying to keep fresh, preferably with our pets. However, we must pay attention

Pet-a-Points, Shelters and Pet Hurricane Relief Efforts

Recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left many pet parents anguished at the mere thought that natural disasters could affect their families and pets with such devastation. After Katrina, the Pets

5 Pet Tech Solutions That Will Change Your Life

Pets have been changing our lives for the better for a very long time. We’ve kept dogs around as pets for as long as 32000 years, according to some scientific

Enjoy Your Holidays! Relax with Petable!

Well, Summer is here and all we can think about are SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!! We dream about it all year and when time finally comes we start to worry. Not only

Using a Pet App to Control Your Pet’s Weight Sounds… Pawesome!

It’s not news to anyone that pets in developed countries like the US are putting on a few extra pounds. Pet obesity in the U.S. continued to steadily increase in

5 Reasons to have a pet App, specially during flea / tick season

You know that feeling when you show someone a photo on your mobile and they start flicking through the gallery? I know, right? We keep our whole lives on our

New Year, New App

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Petable has an amazing new app version available for Android and iOS. With our new and improved platform, count on us to remind you of all your pet’s needs AND

Gamification Rules – Pet-a-Points

  11.01.2017   Petable app   2 Comments

They’re PAWSOME! They’re PET-A-POINTS! It’s simple, really: the more you use Petable, the more Pet-a-Points you win! Using Petable and uploading all of your pets’ appointments and info will not