5 Reasons to have a pet App, specially during flea / tick season

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You know that feeling when you show someone a photo on your mobile and they start flicking through the gallery? I know, right? We keep our whole lives on our mobiles, not just through the pictures we take. Our family’s life too. It’s all there, in pictures, calendars, emails, social media and apps! But what about our pets? They’re family too! So why not keep their life info and all their important dates with you at all times? Especially when keeping up-to-date means preventing really serious problems. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other external bugs cause really bad health problems. Our pets don’t only get bad cases of the “itches” from external parasites, they can come down with tick fever, heartworm, internal parasites and all sorts of terrible diseases that you should try to know more about. So: remember the date and keep them safe!


  1. REMINDERS. It’s easy to forget the exact date we’re meant to reach for the spot-on solution and keep those pesky bugs away. When you have your pet’s info on an App like PETABLE you can set the date you begin your flea / tick prevention scheme and set reminders for the following months, on a monthly basis, so you never forget. It really gives you peace of mind.
  2. PHOTOGRAPHS. If you use something like a flea collar, you can log the exact date you put the collar on your pet. Then you set a reminder for when you need your next reminder because that’s when the protection of the collar ends (maybe 3 or 4 months later, depending on what you’re using). Nothing could be more simple. Oh, and take a snazzy picture of your pet’s new look and add that to the app’s timeline. Not really for medicinal purposes. Just because. You know. Cuteness.
  3. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Imagine you have a really nice hike organized next weekend and take your doggos with you. During the hike, one of them gets bit by a tick and you find yourself with a sick pupper on your hands and you’re not in your hometown. Thank goodness you have all their info on the App. It’ll help you find the nearest pet clinic or hospital, so that you can get help as quickly as possible. Contacts are at hand so you can call in advance and let them know you’re coming. All the pet info is there too so when the vet asks you questions like “when was her last flea / tick treatment?” – you don’t have to answer: -“I don’t remember!”
  4. EDUCATION. You need super cool vet-approved articles to learn more about parasites. What they can do to your furry family members and why you should always protect your pets. There’s a News section on the App, with new articles every week, so you can brush up on your parasite trivia. Impress all your pet-loving friends with how much you know about ticks and other parasites. Always great conversation at a cocktail party, don’t you think?
  5. TRANQUILITY. You love your pets dearly, so the thought of them getting sick or bringing home an infestation of parasites is just horrifying. If you never forget to keep the preventive plan up-to-date you can breath a little easier knowing  PETABLE has your back (and your pets’ back, for that matter). Relax and enjoy warm and fuzzy moments with your loved ones and let your mobile remind you about all the preventive care things!


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