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The Story Of Spaying My Cat, Ms. Meowly Cyrus (Part 2)

  29.01.2017   Cats, Pet health, Preventive care   1 Comment

The surgery was booked for just 2 days later, on Friday. I was already stressed about not giving her food by Thursday. She meowed all night. I had a little


  26.01.2017   Cats, Pet health, Preventive care   1 Comment

This past weekend I was scrolling down my newsfeed when I found this article about how Ms. Meowly Cyrus – yes, that’s her real name – could get tumors and

New Pet? What are the owners’ responsabilities?

As in parenthood, pet owners have inherent responsibilities. Having a dog, a cat, or any other animal is a privilege that can bring joy to our life. However, it takes

New Year, New App

  19.01.2017   Petable app   No comments

Petable has an amazing new app version available for Android and iOS. With our new and improved platform, count on us to remind you of all your pet’s needs AND


  15.01.2017   Dogs   No comments

You have a new puppy. Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or recurrent dog tutor, surely you’ll have questions on how to make your home puppy proof and 100% safe!

7 Instagram Puppies and Kitties, and What They Teach You About Pets

  12.01.2017   Cats, Dogs, Pets in society   No comments

Hey animal lovers! Do you have a hard time choosing your favorite instagram puppies or kitties? For us it’s super hard! Since we are all about cuteness this month, we’ve

Gamification Rules – Pet-a-Points

  11.01.2017   Petable app   2 Comments

They’re PAWSOME! They’re PET-A-POINTS! It’s simple, really: the more you use Petable, the more Pet-a-Points you win! Using Petable and uploading all of your pets’ appointments and info will not

8 Tips for You to Become a Better Pet Parent in 2017

Whether you are planning to adopt a pet in 2017 or you already have four-legged friends at home, improving your pet-parenting skills is always a good idea. 1. If you

7 New Year’s Resolutions We’re Sure Our Pets Would Love to Achieve

  5.01.2017   Cats, Dogs, Pets in society   No comments

Another year has come and gone. As you look back, you probably have many fond memories of your pets. We love them to death, but sometimes they seem to miss