7 Instagram Puppies and Kitties, and What They Teach You About Pets

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Hey animal lovers! Do you have a hard time choosing your favorite instagram puppies or kitties? For us it’s super hard! Since we are all about cuteness this month, we’ve collected a list of our favorite kitties and puppies as well as what these photos can teach you about your pet! Hopefully you will find inspiration and knowledge amidst all the fluffiness!

Some pets love, some don’t mind and others won’t tolerate dressing up

But snuggling when it’s cold outside is ubiquitous to them all. Always have somewhere warm for your pet to snuggle or sleep. If you’re cold, chances are they are too.

Credit: @michcant



Taking a ride in your car?

It is quite normal for pets to be car sick, especially when they’re young. If this is the case, make sure to withhold the food before the ride. You can make up for it when you get to your destination.
Credit: @kats_are_crazy 



Cat space

Cats follow their humans wherever they go, plus they’re natural climbers. Make sure your house is kitty-proof and provides a safe kitty-perch for them to play on, otherwise they’ll probably find a not-so-suitable one on their own. Many cat owners keep a “cat condo” in their home, which allows the cat to climb, hide, knead and scratch.
Credit: @marusya.bzo



Sad eyes

If you’re ready to welcome a baby pup in your family, remember that it’s a lifetime decision. There is no going back on pet adoption. Weigh your options well and make sure no more pets end up with these eyes.
Credit: @puppiesforall 


You don’t know me

Did you know dogs are great at reading our facial expressions? Unfortunately, we are not as good at reading theirs. Yawning and nose licking could be signs of stress or anxiety that we write off as being cute. Dogs deserve to be understood, just like us.
Credit: @dailydougie 



Puppies and kids

Puppies are the best. But puppies and kids? Best buddies for life! How do they know that friendship is upon them? We don’t know. They just do.
Credit: @buddyboowaggytails


Just stretching!

Funniest “cat of the week”. Cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day, some even up to 20 so they need to stretch out their muscles. But mostly it’s a sign of relaxation. If a cat stretches near you and if you’re lucky enough to have them expose the belly, then they are totally comfortable with you and do not feel threatened at all.
Credit: @Goalkitty


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