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Taking Your Kids to a Home with Cats

Maky was always a very happy cat. She’s about 1 ½ years old and she’s been with us since she was 4 months old. She loves people, even strangers. Every

Children, Allergies and Pets

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Many would agree that having a pet is great for children’s growth and intellectual development. Most children dream of having a cat or a dog. But what if a child

Is Having a Pet Good for Children?

Pets – be they dogs, cats or other animals – are part of many families’ day-to-day life. Pets benefit human lives in more ways than one: namely, reducing stress, reducing

Dogs and Kids: Tips and Pointers

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Whether you are planning to bring a baby into your house soon, already have a child running around or just want to make sure your dog is comfortable around children,

Games for Pets and Kids – Part II

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This is part II of the “Games for Pets and Kids” series of 2 articles BECOME the Dog In this game, instead of the dog adapting to our human ways,

Games for Pets and Kids – Part I

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This is the first part of a two part article, to be published on sequential days. Bring the Family Together with these ideas People with pets and kids under the

Growing Up With a Dog

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Pretty Picture When one thinks about the things that turn childhood into a magical experience, what comes to mind? Children rolling about on the grass, discovering tortoises and toads in

10 Reasons Why Pets Prepare You for Parenthood

Preparing for parenthood No matter how many books your read or how much good advice you’re gathering, chances are you’ll find yourself, at some time or another, wondering: “Am I

Why Should Children Grow Up With Pets?

Have you ever wondered why children and pets make such good playmates? The advantages are enormous and as we evolve culturally and socially, pets become as much a part of

Ringworm in Cats and a Newborn Baby

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I don’t really understand feline psychology, but I do realize that my cats felt a big change when the baby first came home. Maybe even earlier, with all the changes