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Preparing for parenthood

No matter how many books your read or how much good advice you’re gathering, chances are you’ll find yourself, at some time or another, wondering: “Am I cut out for this”?

That said, among the many wonderful things that pets bring to our lives, you can be sure that having a pet in the family helps in preparing for what’s to come. Here’s why:


1. Waking up at night


If you’ve ever had a pet, you’re fully aware that your pets will not let you forget when it’s feeding time. Cats, especially, will wake you at the oddest hours to tell you they’re hungry. Sound familiar? Let’s move on.

2. Showing who’s boss

If you have a pet at home, you’ll know there are times you are not the one in charge. Therefore, you’ll also know that most times you’ll be ignored when trying to do so. Wait for those teenage years…

3. Boxes are life

Both kids and cats find cardboard boxes exceptionally useful as creative toys and napping stations. If you ever have any empty boxes lying around, you’ll learn that you should never throw them out.


4. Eww gross!

Having a pet, you have learned that you need to clean up after them. Often. Gross stuff, even. From stepping in you-know-what to finding hairballs in your shoe, as a pet parent, your tolerance for grossness is probably really high by now. On the bright side, a pet will seldom throw up on you.

5. No such thing as privacy

Most pet owners have learned that total solitude in the bathroom is impossible. Pets and kids alike have a strange fascination with bowel movements, their own or otherwise.

6. Constant movement

Ever tried to take a picture of your pet that isn’t blurred or out of focus due to the constant running and moving around. That’s very much what will happen when you try and take pictures of your kids. You’ll spend 2 years teaching them to walk and talk, just to spend the next 20 asking them to be still and be quiet.


7. The responsibility thing

Pets teach you about being responsible about someone other than yourself – how many times have you heard this? It is a common phrase, but nevertheless a true one. When your baby comes you’ll know how to make plans A and B for every occasion, have a trusted network of sitters and never leave their well-being to chance. You’ll be prepared!


8. The juggling act

You’ll have heightened senses and superhuman motor skills due to years of practice in the subtle art of balancing giant grocery bags in your arms while opening the door at the same time with small creatures that like to entangle themselves around your legs. Nothing else could prepare you for this except practice, practice, practice.


9. Damage control

Years of damage to your car, house, furniture and clothes have made you tolerant and more appreciative of the “the bigger picture”. You don’t have to be super tidy and have everything in perfect condition. Sometimes it’s better to just relax, have fun and let dogs be dogs (and kids be kids)!

10. The you-can’t-resist-me eyes

Begging soulful little eyes and cute faces are something you’ve become accustomed to. Not that you could ever become immune to them, but you’ll have had experience with it before and are less likely to give in. We can’t say for sure, but it’s possible that your children they’ll always win. Cuteness goes a long way!

Image credits: lingvistov.com
Author: Petable Team

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