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Signs That Your Cat Has Urinary Tract Disease

  28.11.2016   Cats, Pet health   2 Comments

Urinary problems in cats are very common. Owners often report their cat is either ignoring their litter box or is urinating in strange places. Know the signs that indicate that

3 Must-Follow Perfect Pooches on Instagram

  24.11.2016   Dogs, Pets in society   No comments

Over the last couple of years, Instagram has become a place where more and more people are showing off their adorable dogs’ lives. Some may even say we follow more

Dog Obesity – Risks and How to Fight it!

  20.11.2016   Dogs   No comments

Maintaining the proper weight for your pet is the first step toward long term good health. The fight against animal obesity is not a new thing, but it has recently

Diabetes: What to Know to Help Your Pet

  17.11.2016   Cats, Dogs, Pet health   No comments

You might think diabetes is not a common disease for pets, but it is. In fact, the disease is very similar to human diabetes. Although its onset is influenced by

Cat Eating Behavior: Why Your Cat is Rejecting Food

  13.11.2016   Cats   1 Comment

Cats are well known for being their own masters. It can be quite the challenge when our little tiger won’t eat their food. Whether it’s dry food, premium or homemade,

5 Steps to Preventing Pet Illnesses

We all know the phrase “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“. This is true, also, in veterinary medicine. Like humans, our pets can become ill for

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Dog

  6.11.2016   Dogs   No comments

Having a dog has taught me more about faithful friendships and unconditional love than anything else. Dogs love you just the way you are, not to mention they are the

The Truth Behind 5 Common Myths About Cats

  3.11.2016   Cats   1 Comment

Google “cat myths” and you’re sure to find information and details about about your cats that are not true. Have you heard the one about cats having 9 lives or