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A Dog is a Dog is a Dog

  26.02.2017   Dogs, Pet behaviour   No comments

The list of reasons why a dog is abandoned or left in a shelter is long. There is, however, almost always a common denominator, a thread that blends those various

Dogs with Fleas

  23.02.2017   Dogs   No comments

Anyone who has pets at home knows that one of the worries we have is the various types of bugs they attract, more common in the warmest seasons, but they

What is Heartworm Disease?

Fleas and ticks can be harmful to your dog because they transmit disease, but did you know that some species of mosquitoes can cause health problems to our pets, as

Leptospirosis: what does it mean?

  16.02.2017   Dogs, Pet health   1 Comment

Have you ever heard of leptospirosis? It’s quite the mouthful. And if you have a dog or know people with dogs, you may have already come across this big word.

Get Ready For Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

  12.02.2017   Dogs   No comments

Why can’t February 14th be all about the love you feel for your dog? If you think it’s a great idea to spend your day with someone who loves you


  9.02.2017   Cats   No comments

The term “trichobezoar” may seem like alien language to you… but certainly you’ve seen or heard about hairballs that cats can produce. What are they and how do they form?

Why Is Deworming My Dog Regularly Such a Big Deal?

  5.02.2017   Dogs   No comments

Nearly every dog, especially puppies, will present an internal parasite (worms, as they are known) at some point. Although almost every pet owner is aware of the risks, including transmission

Ms. Meowly Gets Vaccinated

  2.02.2017   Cats   No comments

Ever since she was a kitty, Ms. Meowly has been an indoor cat. And believe it or not, I I’d never taken her to the vet. Her vet is Dr.