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Anyone who has pets at home knows that one of the worries we have is the various types of bugs they attract, more common in the warmest seasons, but they can happen at any time of the year. And that’s exactly what happened here at home … Dogs with fleas in the middle of winter!

I should begin by explaining that I have an aversion to bloodsucking parasites that propagate at the speed of light. They appear out of nowhere and, if they can’t be done away with straight away, they can turn our lives into a living hell. Of course the stories I heard from people who had these tiny pests plaguing their homes did not help me put my mind at ease…

But back to the fleas. Looking back, I believe that the problem began with a pet bed that someone gave us as a present. Even though it was like new, it had already been used by another dog. At the first signs of scratching and itching I rushed, as usual, to the topical medication I had always used, but for the first time they didn’t work. “What now?” I thought. So I spoke with the veterinarian who recommended these “infallible” tablets – they were really expensive but their protective effect lasts for 3 months. The vet also gave me a series of other precautions to prevent further spreading of the fleas around the house.

Although it’s true that in one morning I spent more money with my two miniature dogs than I generally spend on myself, it is also true that the problem was solved (and for that, I would have paid whatever I had to).

Although we didn’t actually get to plague status, I realized that this happens more often than we think and what the degree of the problem is totally dependent on how quickly we act. That is why, I’m leaving you a step-by-step solution to follow. Remember, time is of the essence here and you really need to act quickly.

What you will need:

  • 1 chewable anti-flea tablet per dog (appropriate to each dog’s weight) – sold at veterinary clinics and some pet stores;
  • 1 Insecticide spray for domestic use;
  • 1 anti-parasitic collar (if you have a vacuum cleaner).


  1. Give the dog the table (my dogs are very picky and yet they ate these like a treat!). According to the veterinarian, fleas die within the hour. The good part is that we do not need to add any external treatment, since this tablet is also useful in case the fleas have already deposited eggs on the dog.
  1. Spray all areas where the pets generally walk or sleep, such as the floor, sofas or bed… Leave for one hour, with the windows open, not allowing them to go through these spaces where the product was applied during that time.
  1. After one hour, place the anti-parasitic collar inside a new vacuum cleaner bag, thoroughly vacuum the areas where we put the spray, remove the bag from the vacuum cleaner and immediately put it in a trash bag. Close and take out the trash ASAP.

I was unaware, but one of the problems with this kind of pest is that they survive in the vacuum cleaners. If during the infestation, we end up vacuuming eggs and they hatch in the vacuum bag, it will become a breeding ground inside your house, ready to come out for their first meal.

  1. Wash all your pets’ clothes, blankets or beds, and any fabrics that have been in contact with them (for example, sofa covers) in really warm water.
  1. While you’re at it, you can make the most of the situation and give your pet friend a cleansing dermal shower too sooth the skin from the itchiness too.

Sofia Madeira, Designer

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