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They’re PAWSOME! They’re PET-A-POINTS!

It’s simple, really: the more you use Petable, the more Pet-a-Points you win! Using Petable and uploading all of your pets’ appointments and info will not only make you a better pet owner, it will reward you with Pet-A-Points. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Every time you use Petable and add an event in your pet’s life, Petable awards you points.
  2. Every time you comply with the events and mark them as done, Petable awards you points.
  3. Get the idea? OK, so now for some FAQ

What are Pet-a-Points?

Pet-a-Points are Petable’s reward system. Using the app and performing actions on the app adds to a global score point that you can check on the Points Tab in your personal user area, called Me.

How are Pet-a-Points earned?

By adding events on the app and marking them as done (limited to 1 action type like add vaccine or deworming, per pet, per day)

  • 1 pet-pt for adding your pet’s weight
  • 1 pet-pt for adding a photo/note to your timeline
  • 3 pet-pts for adding an event (of any type)
  • 3 pet-pts for adding a medical record (a past event)
  • 5 pet-pts for adding your pet’s chronic conditions
  • 5 pet-pts for logging in that you opened a new food package
  • 10 pet-pts for completing all the info in your pet’s profile
  • 10 pet-pts for complying to a deworming treatment on the due date (mark as done)
  • 10 pet-pts for complying to a tick/flea treatment on the due date (mark as done)
  • 20 pet-pts for adding a Pet
  • 20 pet-pts for connecting a pet to a Clinic
  • 20 pet-pts for complying to an exam/lab test on the due date (mark as done)
  • 20 pet-pts for complying to a vaccine on the due date (mark as done)
  • 20 pet-pts for referring Petable
  • 20 pet-pts on your pet’s birthday
  • 25 pet-pts for complying to an appointment on the due date (mark as done)
  • 40 pet-pts for complying to a surgery on the due date (mark as done)
  • 50 pet-pts for adding a complete Health Plan as suggested

What can can be redeemed with Pet-a-Points?

You give so much love and care to your pet, that we want to give back.

# Special features

Special users will have access to special features. Users with the most Pet-a-Points will have a front-row seat to try them out. Some features will be exclusive to the most Petable Pet Parents.

# Other rewards

We’re creating partnerships to allow us to trade in your Pet-a-Points for real forms of support to benefit your pets in the “physical” world. Stay tuned as Petable will come up with new stuff really soon.

# Giving back

What better way to give back than to support animal shelters and the pets they help? Did you know that in the US alone, more the 7.6 million pets, enter shelters each year? (data from the ASPCA). We’re committed to helping the people that help pets and you’re going to help us do it. Helping hands (and paws!).

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  • AleXandra
    July 9, 2017, 6:46 pm  Reply

    Why can I only use one vet clinic?
    What do you do with my pets data?

    • July 10, 2017, 10:11 am

      Hi AleXandra. Thanks for reaching out and for posting these questions. Each pet can only be linked to one vet practice at a time, keeping the vet’s info and contacts at hand. You can change it whenever you like in the Clinic tab. Also, different pets can be linked to different Clinics at any given time. Any use of collected pet data abides to the Petable Terms and Conditions that you can check via the link enclosed. #BePetable

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