8 Tips for You to Become a Better Pet Parent in 2017

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Whether you are planning to adopt a pet in 2017 or you already have four-legged friends at home, improving your pet-parenting skills is always a good idea.

1. If you are renting a room out or searching for a new housemate, make sure that this person loves animals as much you do and has no problem with pets in the home. Someone who has a fur allergy won’t be able to live in an apartment with 3 cats. Someone who is afraid of dogs would have a hard timing sharing a space with a 90 lb Labrador.

2. Dog owners tend to forget that sometimes they need help when it comes to walking the dog. If you’re out for the day or may arrive home late, schedule someone to cover for you–preferably someone that lives nearby. Pet-loving neighbors or housemates become invaluable in times like these. Find someone near you who loves pets and return the favor as often as you can. It’s all about supporting each other!

3. Spend as much time as you can playing with your dog or cat every day! Your pet will let you know how much time he or she needs (every pet is different). If your dog lives inside the house, remember that walks are their way of roaming and interacting with their surroundings, not just a quick escape for peeing and pooping. It’s also an opportunity for you to relax, stretch your legs, meditate, go on errands or even socialize with other pet owners. Turn this daily obligation around and make the most of it.

4. How often do you change their water? Maybe when it’s almost gone? Starting this year, change your pet’s water every day, especially when it’s hot! Water that has been sitting around too long doesn’t appeal to pets–especially cats. Hydration is one of the most important health-maintenance techniques for you pet, though, so be diligent.

5. Leaving your radio or TV on while you are away makes the house seem less empty so your pets feel less lonely. There are even some specialized channels with content made especially for your particular type of pet. There are also an array of Pet Cams that allow you to look, speak and even interact (by dropping treats) with your pets.

6. Educate yourself! Read at least one pet related book this year, follow a pet blog like Petable.care or go and take a behavior training course with your dog!

7. Have you ever celebrated your pet’s birthday? Or if you adopted, you can always celebrate the day when you brought your pet home.

8. Don’t forget vitamins! Did you know that, contrary to popular belief, feeding your cat solely on fish can result in vision impairment, problems in the nervous system and heart disease? This is due to lack of vitamins and other essential nutrients. Pet nutrition is the single most important health factor you can manage at home and make a part of your pet’s daily routine. Ask for your pet’s recommendations based on age, species, breed, amount of exercise and previous conditions (such as diabetes).

Well, these are just some of our ideas that can help you to become the best pet parents possible in 2017. Do you have your own resolutions on how you plan to become a better pet parent? Share with us, comment below!


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