The Story Of Spaying My Cat, Ms. Meowly Cyrus (Part 2)

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The surgery was booked for just 2 days later, on Friday. I was already stressed about not giving her food by Thursday. She meowed all night. I had a little breakdown that evening, almost giving in and giving her something to eat. I had never taken her food away and she was BEGGING to be fed! I finally managed to be strong, telling her I didn’t want her to vomit and choke. The next morning, I left her at Dr. Picatso’s. I also left my scarf with her so she could be comforted by a familiar smell when she awoke.

She looked really confused in her cat carrier after I picked her up. “She has a suture in her tummy, don’t worry about the stitches, they’ll be reabsorbed. You will have some medication to give her at home for the next week”. They showed me how to give her the medication and they said I could bring her back if I had any trouble with it during the next week.

Before I left, Dr. Picatso provided some more information about these next few days. Keep her away from places where she is likely to jump down. This could compromise the suture, pulling her stitches or worse. But we survived and she is doing GREAT these days. I wanted to share this in case there were other kitty parents out there feeling the way I did. It worked out OK. Now, I’m just thankful I always check my newsfeed.

This is part 2 of a 2 part series about how my cat got spayed. You can read Part 1 HERE.

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