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It’s that spooky time of year again and here at Petable we love celebrating Hallowe’en as much as anyone but we really feel we should let you know a few things. A trip to the veterinarian on Hallowe’en night might be fun if you’re wondering what your local vet tech looks like in a Yoda costume. Apart from that you’re better off following these simple instructions to keep everyone safe:

#Trick or Treat

Besides the obvious pun that we already train our pets to do tricks in exchange for treats throughout the year, the candy we give out to human puppers are a serious issue. People may be coming to your door or in and out of your house and there will be a lot of sugary chocolaty treats around, some of which readily accessible to curious little gobblers as most pets are.
Make sure you keep the human treats out of sight and out of reach, not letting them spill or fall to the ground during the always crazy treat-giving transaction.

#Candles and Decorations

Spooky jack-o-lanterns and other types of flaming decorations might look swell throughout the house but you might as well know that a lot of household fires are started by startled pets that knock over something lit and end up catching something (or themselves) in the way of the flames. Take extra care where you locate these.


We love us some pets dressed in sassy, cute or spooky costumes. But never try the new costume on the day itself. Make sure your furbaby is ok with the attire and always ease into process of dressing up gradually. Treats may be necessary to make it fun. Never stress your pet out with a Halloween costume, no matter how cute they look.

#Lost and Found

Hallowe’en night tends to get confusing sometimes. The door will be opening and closing whilst pets tend to get overlooked and may slip out amongst the confusion. Be careful with that. Also, make sure that you don’t take off any identification tags they normally wear because if they DO get lost, it’ll be the easiest way to get them back. Microchips are a necessity, if you’re truly wary of the amount of pets that get lost and never find their way back to their rightful family.

Other than that, enjoy all the spookiness this year. Make sure everyone’s having a good time celebrating and you can even match your costumes to your pet’s, for some extra festive family fun.

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