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Have you ever imagined taking your pet to the office?

Our pets are increasingly  important in our lives, they’re our best friends and dearest family members.

As owners, we want to share all our precious moments with them: walking, playing, sleeping and even taking them to our favourite restaurant! And why not take your pet to work, as well?

If you think that having your pet at work may be a source of distraction, you should know that several studies suggest exactly the opposite. Taking your pet to the office has many benefits, such as increasing productivity and reducing stress levels. Around the world, the Pets at Work initiative is gaining new supporters on a daily basis.

Some pet-friendly companies set an example about their pets at work policy, such as Google, Mashable and Amazon. Google is known as an extremely dog-friendly company. Here, employees are encouraged to bring their pets to the office, become Dooglers (Googlers that love dogs) and host adoption initiatives.

7 benefits of having your pet at work:

#1. All about social: pets are the ultimate icebreakers, conversational unblockers! The office’s environment becomes more pleasant, relaxed and informal, which improves communication and team-work;

#2. Creativity boost: having a pet by your side encourages you to take short breaks and recharge your energy, improving brain activity. This make you more likely to think outside the box and sparkle with new ideas;

#3. Increased Productivity: interacting with pets reduces the risk of depression and increases serotonin levels, which improves focus and productivity;

#4. Stress relief: stress relief boosts your immune system, which translates into less sick days! Yay!

#5. Makes you healthier: dogs encourage us to get up and exercise, taking short breaks throughout the day. Exercising contributes to better health, better body condition aaaaand… it also makes you more productive;

#6. Unconditional love: our pets don’t mind if we’re in a bad mood or just received an unpleasant e-mail. They’re an unconditional source of  comfort, support and inspiration;

#7. Happy Pets: say goodbye to the endless lonely hours of our pets waiting for us to come home and give them all the care and attention they deserve. Your pet’s physical and psychological well-being improves and you can let go of the guilt and worry of leaving them home alone.

Do you see yourself taking your pet to work?

Remember, before taking your pet to work, check with your employers what’s the company policy about pets. Don’t forget to check your pet’s health status with your veterinarian and be sure that your pet meets the good behaviour standards requested by your company.

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