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We’re not the only ones who suffer when it’s cold, our pets do too! This time of year, when low temperatures are the norm, you must strive to prevent any cold-related ailments, such as respiratory disease or joint problems.

Although this advice is useful for all pets, you must pay particular notice to the very young, the elderly and the short-haired pets. These are the ones that will suffer the most from quick changes in temperature.

Here are some tips that will help you keep you pet healthy this winter:

Avoid baths

If absolutely necessary, use warm water and most importantly, dry them off very well. Breeds with very dense undercoat fur will take a very long time to dry completely all the way to their skin. Therefore, it might be necessary to pull out the blow dryer. You should absolutely avoid taking your pet outside if his/her coat is still wet.

Keep the bed somewhere warm

Anyone who owns cats will tell you that their feline friends will always sleep in the warmest spot they can find. Some dogs might do the same. If their designated sleeping area is a thin bed, a cold room, or set on a stone-cold floor they might find it hard to rest comfortably – therefore, seeking alternatives. You might place an extra blanket under their bed to keep out the cold, for extra “comfyness”, just in case.

Avoid abrupt changes in temperature inside/outside

You definitely should avoid going outside during the coldest hours of the day, especially if you’re keeping the house toasty warm inside. Quick changes in environmental temperatures might leave your pet unable to adapt to adapt his/her body temperature so quickly.


Some pets don’t mind wearing clothes. Also, some people choose to dress their pets for aesthetic reasons only. However, a waterproof item of clothing for a rainy day or a warm sweater to brave the cold might be the extra level of protection your pet needs. Just make sure to remove any clothes as soon as possible, if they get wet.

Don’t shave your pet

Postpone having thei fur removed for a (not so) rainy day. Their naturally-grown fur coat is great to keep their body temperatures stable during the cold season. The rule here is: keep it on, ’til there’s sun!

Try taking your pet outside when it’s warm

In our busy daily lives, choosing when to take the dog out for walkies might not be an option. Also, the colder hours of the daytime (at sunrise and sunset) might normally be the ones you reserve to go outside. But if you can rearrange your schedule to avoid the morning due and the post-sunset chilly winds, your pet will thank you for it.

Keep them away from fireplaces and heaters

Being directly on top of heat sources might bring about unnecessary risks, such as burns or heat strokes. Although it’s nice to keep warm, sometimes they need a little help not taking it a step too far.

Make sure your pet’s vaccines are up-to-date

Some vaccines protect against respiratory disease and other seasonal pathologies that occur when the weather is humid.

Don’t let the kitty out to stroll

Besides the obvious dangers linked to low temperatures, it’s quite usual for a freezing kitty to seek warmth in a recently parked car’s engine – with fatal consequences!

With the cold you might find your young, old or ill pet more reluctant to go outside.

Keep your pet nice and warm this Winter and you’ll find that the lovely spring breezes will be with us again in no time.


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